Always Ready To Help And Take Care Of Cows

Raising cows can be really rewarding if you want to provide food for your family, but it’s important to know how to care of them.

If we study the importance of Gomata preached omnisciently in Hindu Theology, one thing we can clearly understand that Gomata-Govansh is only the basis of entire creation. It is firmly believed that if a mother is gratified then only she can nurture its offspring excellently. Besides, the basis of happiness and exultation of creation and its living beings are sanctity and holiness & the basis of the same is Gomata.

Today, our small effort which started 2 years back has transformed into a deeply rooted and shady tree in the form of gaushalas at various places. These gaushalas are well-planned and are being managed perfectly.The rice and ghee of agnihotra also combines with fresh dung to work as a fertilizer, while ash mixed with cow ghee or butter has antibacterial properties and can be used to heal wounds. As you can see, the different products from cows can be reused and sold, helping maintain the goshalas and the environment

In just 2 years we have treated more than 10000 cows. At present we have more than 5000 cows under treatment. We feel very pround and lucky to have the opportunities to save the cows across india.The organization rescued wandering cows and reclaimed them to groom them in places called gaushalas. Charitable networks developed all through North India to collect rice from individuals, pool the contributions, and re-sell them to fund the gaushalas.